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Purchase Order Funding in South Africa

Imagine this: you are a passionate business owner in the vibrant heart of South Africa. There is demand for your products, orders are high, but there is a hiccup – a lack of money to match the demand. Does this fit your story? If so, you are part of the 63% of suppliers listed in the central supplier database who face the same daunting hurdle. But here’s the silver lining: Business Triggers is your beacon in this challenge.

A glimpse into the world of commercial incentives

At Business Triggers, we don’t just do projects; we’re about change. We provide venture capital to South Africa’s committed SMEs, turning their challenges into stepping stones Hedging the turbulent waters of financial crisis, ensuring businesses not only survive but thrive.

Why Business Triggers is your trusted partner

Supplies pay off quickly In business, speed is key. Knowing this, we prioritize early payment. Your success is our success, and to realize this, we keep the business cycle running without interruption. Learn more about our dedication on the about us page.

Competitive advantages

Expensive and quality products rarely go away, but with us, they do. We pride ourselves on offering some of the industry’s most competitive interest rates. Check out our FAQ section for in-depth insight into our rates and policies.

Dedicated support for suppliers

With Business Triggers, you are never alone. Our team of experts is your extended family, always ready to guide, help and answer any questions. Take a deep dive into the services we offer here.

Easy financing strategies

We understand that businesses are unique, each with unique needs. To cater for this diversity, we offer financing ranging from R70k to R5m. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we have you covered.

Take control of your career destiny

Don’t let roadblocks destroy your dreams. Embrace growth and the potential promise of South Africa. Work with Business Triggers today. Discover our ethos, explore our solutions, and let’s embark on this journey together of unlimited business growth in South Africa. If our vision matches yours, let’s join us. Your success story is waiting for you!

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